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Jonathan Glick

Black Tapestry Tattoo

Next week


Based in London, Jonathan is renowned for his signature illustrative comic-style tattoos, often described as "Ignorant style." Jonathan also enjoys doing pristine fine-line pieces. His distinct approach blends playful elements with a keen attention to detail, creating standout tattoo



Hour rate:90 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Fineline creation of Adam tattooStunning black and gray portrait of a woman in intricate dotwork style by artist Jonathan Glick. Bold and beautiful.Vibrant new school tattoo on forearm by Jonathan Glick, featuring a whimsical castle with enchanting stairs.Fantastic mr. fox tattooUnique blackwork design by artist Jonathan Glick on lower leg, featuring a hand and pale man in a neo-traditional style.Mood dice — also on ig as uglyblacksheep Fine line upper arm tattoo featuring Snoopy playing with a kid, beautifully executed in blackwork style by Jonathan Glick.Illustrative fox Elevate your upper arm with a detailed new school mouse design inspired by Ratatouille. Expertly crafted in fine line style by tattoo artist Jonathan Glick.A vibrant new school tattoo by Jonathan Glick featuring a ghostly figure tangled in chains on the forearm.Ignorant style upper arm tattoo featuring a dino, bird, and shark, by artist Jonathan Glick.Eye peony
Also on ig as uglyblacksheep 🙌✊🖤Dragonfly chest piece Illustrated style of a pike fishFinely detailed tattoo on upper arm featuring a bridge, card, and city skyline in an ignorant style by Jonathan Glick.Mrs Mia Wallace — also on ig as uglyblacksheep Simple fineline fingers crossedThis striking arm tattoo by Jonathan Glick features a mysterious woman with captivating eyes, adorned with a regal crown. The blackwork and fine line style adds depth and elegance to the design.Fine line ignorance style tattoo featuring a castle and card motif on the upper arm. By Jonathan Glick.Vibrant new school design on upper arm by Jonathan Glick. Get lost in this whimsical fusion of a funky bottle and enchanting mushroom.Beautiful black and gray tattoo of a pigeon on the lower leg, created by the talented artist Jonathan Glick.Unique fine line and new school tattoo by Jonathan Glick featuring a playful motif of a hole, toy, and figure. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your arm.Two characters to honour clients children’s
JGJonathan Glick
Jonathan Glick