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Alex Santo

Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos

3+ months


Meet Alex, a distinguished and award-winning tattoo maestro with over a decade of expertise in the art of inking. Whether crafting intricate designs at Santo Cuervo Custom Tattoos in London or showcasing his prowess at Inked NYC in the heart of New York, Alex's reputation for excellence resonates on both sides of the Atlantic.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:360 GBP
About the Artist

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Incredible Japanese dragon sketch tattoo on forearm created by the talented artist Alex Santo.Experience the beauty of a lifelike flower tattooed on your upper arm by the talented artist Alex Santo.Get a stunning David Bowie tattoo on your upper leg by artist Alex Santo, capturing the iconic musician in lifelike detail.Vibrant watercolor parrot tattoo on forearm, featuring geometric elements. By artist Alex Santo.Capture the enigmatic beauty of a masked woman with this stunning blackwork tattoo by Alex Santo.Alex Santo's stunning upper leg tattoo features a beautiful watercolor sketch of a woman with a flower motif.Capture the chilling essence of Pennywise with this stunning lower leg tattoo by artist Alex Santo.Beautiful butterfly and woman design on upper leg, expertly crafted with realistic and watercolor style by talented artist Alex Santo.Experience a stunning blend of watercolor and surrealism with this mesmerizing galaxy tattoo on your upper arm. Created by the talented artist Alex Santo.Experience the mesmerizing blend of watercolor galaxy and surreal skull by talented artist Alex Santo.Beautiful forearm tattoo by Alex Santo featuring a realistic heart and jewel sketch design.This black and gray tattoo featuring a skull is expertly done by tattoo artist Alex Santo on the upper leg for a striking and eerie look.
Incredible arm tattoo by artist Alex Santo capturing the iconic portrayal of Joker by Heath Ledger in a stunning realism style.Intricate black and gray design by artist Alex Santo combines realistic details with geometric shapes.Paragon logo from Mass Effect #tattoo #realism #watercolourtattoo #tattoodaily #ttism #tattooinspiration #killerink #killerinktattoo #skindeep #vegan #veganstudio #crueltyfree #london #hackney #stokenewington #santocuervotattoo Vibrant watercolor brush design on upper arm by artist Alex Santo. Perfect blend of geometry and artistry.Express your wild spirit with this stunning watercolor fox tattoo on your forearm, created by artist Alex Santo.Stunning forearm tattoo of a serene geisha woman, beautifully captured in realistic style by the talented artist Alex Santo.Beautifully detailed tattoo of a geisha woman with a brush, by Alex Santo. Perfect for upper arm placement.Elegant forearm tattoo featuring a beautifully detailed watercolor flower design by the talented artist Alex Santo.Capture the majesty of two ocean giants - a whale and shark - in stunning black and gray realism by Alex Santo.Experience the beauty of a geisha in stunning watercolor realism. By artist Alex Santo. Perfect for rib placement.Discover the unknown with this vibrant watercolor tattoo featuring a galaxy, planet, and astronaut on the upper arm. Reach for the stars with this unique piece by talented artist Alex Santo.Get a stunning black and gray tattoo masterpiece by artist Alex Santo. Showcase a beautiful woman's portrait on your forearm.
ASAlex Santo
Alex Santo