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Brennnessel Tattoo

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10 years in the tattoos industry and specialises in dark abstract line works and loves using sharp lines that accentuate the natural curves of the body.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a bold blackwork star pattern neck tattoo by Amour.x for a unique and eye-catching look.Experience the mesmerizing blend of surrealism and illustrative blackwork in this intricate back tattoo by Amour.x.Unique blackwork upper arm tattoo by Amour.x featuring a fork and cigarette design.Explore the beauty of blackwork and illustrative patterns with this stunning shoulder tattoo by the talented artist Amour.x.A stunning blackwork tattoo of a tree intertwined with a heart on the upper arm, by the talented artist Amour.x.Adorn your stomach with a detailed and delicate scorpion and hook design, expertly executed by tattoo artist Amour.x.Get lost in the mystical beauty of a crescent moon reflected in a mirror, elegantly illustrated on your upper arm by Amour.x.Get a bold and sophisticated patterned tattoo on your neck by the talented artist Amour.x. Perfect for those wanting a unique statement piece.Elegant pattern design in illustrative style, perfect for a bold statement on your neck. Trust the talented artist Amour.x for your next tattoo.Get a unique illustrative pattern tattoo by artist Amour.x that will make a statement on your upper leg. Stand out from the crowd with this stunning design.Illustrative fork tattoo by Amour.x, beautifully placed on the sternum for a unique touch of love and creativity.Get a stunning star pattern sternum tattoo designed by Amour.x, perfect for lovers of unique illustrative ink!
Experience the magic with this illustrative tattoo featuring a stunning moon and intricate pattern by Amour.xCapture the beauty of cityscape with this black and gray illustrative building tattoo on your lower leg by the talented artist Amour.x.A unique blackwork tattoo on the upper arm featuring a star and building motif, created by the talented artist Amour.x.Stunning upper back tattoo by Amour.x featuring a detailed candle design in blackwork style.Amazing blackwork spider design by Amour.x, combining fine line and illustrative styles for a bold and unique tattoo.Illustrative blackwork tattoo featuring a devil woman with wings on the ribs by Amour.xGet mesmerized with this unique blackwork eye tattoo on your hand by Amour.x. Experience timeless beauty and symbolism.Get inked with a stunning blackwork pattern on your forearm by the talented artist Amour.x. Stand out with this illustrative design!Unique blackwork design featuring intricate patterns and inspiring quote by Amour.x. Perfect for your lower leg!Discover mesmerizing patterned blackwork tattoo on ribs, skillfully done by artist Amour.x. Let your body be a masterpiece.Get inked with a unique lower leg tattoo featuring a delicate chain intertwined with a charming house design by artist Amour.x.Elegant upper leg tattoo of a detailed foot in a boot, created by the talented artist Amour.x