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Charlie Macarthur

Studio Yonda

Next week


Introducing Charlie, a talented tattoo artist based at Studio Yonda. Specializing in black & grey, ignorant, and illustrative styles, Charlie's work is characterized by its boldness and creativity. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling through ink, Charlie brings his clients' ideas to life with precision and flair. Whether it's capturing the gritty realism of black & grey, pushing boundaries with ignorant designs, or infusing his work with vivid illustrative elements, Charlie's tattoos leave a lasting impression.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Embrace the darkness with this striking illustrative tattoo by Charlie Macarthur. A hauntingly beautiful design featuring the iconic grim reaper.Get an edgy yet beautiful tattoo by Charlie Macarthur, featuring a fierce tiger and delicate flower design.Experience the bold and unique style of ignorant with this stunning flower tattoo by renowned artist Charlie Macarthur.Beautiful black and gray design by tattoo artist Charlie Macarthur, combining dotwork technique with a floral motif in a unique way.A stunning flower tattoo done in the ignorant style by the talented artist Charlie Macarthur, showcasing bold lines and vibrant colors.Get a sleek and stylish illustrative tattoo of a woman inspired by your favorite movie, expertly done by Charlie Macarthur.Celebrate timeless tradition with a classic swallow motif done by the talented artist, Charlie Macarthur.Get caught in the intricate beauty of this illustrative spider web tattoo by artist Charlie Macarthur.Get a stunning illustrative flower tattoo by the talented artist Charlie Macarthur. Embrace the beauty of nature with this intricate design.Capture the beauty and strength of a woman with this stunning illustrative traditional lady tattoo by renowned artist Charlie Macarthur.
Get a unique and intricate turtle tattoo in fine line style by talented artist Charlie Macarthur. Dive into the world of illustrative art!Captivating black and gray lighthouse design showcasing Charlie Macarthur's artistic skill and attention to detail.Get a beautiful and intricate flower tattoo done by the talented artist, Charlie Macarthur. Perfect for those looking for a unique and artistic design.Ignorant style tattoo featuring a beautiful flower design on dark skin, expertly done by tattoo artist Charlie Macarthur.Adorn your skin with a charming illustrative frog design by the talented artist Charlie Macarthur. Bring a touch of nature to your body art collection!Unique illustrative tattoo featuring a majestic stag and intricate beetle design by Charlie Macarthur.Unique blackwork tattoo of a swallow bird with a shadow effect, expertly done by tattoo artist Charlie Macarthur.Discover the beauty of abstract ornamental art with this intricate tattoo design by the talented artist, Charlie Macarthur.Get a stunning black and gray dragon tattoo with intricate details by the talented artist Charlie Macarthur.Get a timeless black and gray illustrative tattoo of a cowboy and cowgirl by the talented artist Charlie Macarthur.
CMCharlie Macarthur
Charlie Macarthur