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Chris Tambo

Miami Ink - Love Hate Tattoos

Next week


Chris is a resident artist at Miami Ink in Miami Beach. He is absolutely great with a variety of styles, but excels at traditional american tattoos.



Hour rate:250 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Experience the beauty and mystery of the hannya mask with this stunning Japanese tattoo on your upper arm. Let Chris Tambo's expertise bring this traditional design to life.Get a stunning illustrative eagle tattoo on your upper arm by renowned artist Chris Tambo.Impressive traditional forearm tattoo featuring a shark, flower, waves, and rope motifs by Chris Tambo.Beautiful blackwork and illustrative design by Chris Tambo showcasing a stunning peony flower motif on the forearm.Get lucky with this stylized dice tattoo on your arm. Expertly crafted by artist Chris Tambo in a neo-traditional illustrative style.A bold blackwork and illustrative tattoo featuring a snake and flower design, expertly executed by tattoo artist Chris Tambo.Unique blackwork flower tattoo on forearm by Chris Tambo, featuring intricate illustrative design.Beautiful blackwork flower tattoo by artist Chris Tambo, perfect for your forearm.Embrace the mysterious allure of the owl with this detailed blackwork piece by Chris Tambo. Perfect for nature lovers and night owls alike.Get inked with a fierce blackwork panther design by Chris Tambo on your forearm for a classic traditional look.Unique blackwork design by Chris Tambo featuring a skull with a hat and cigar, perfect for bold and edgy individuals.Get inked with an illustrative blackwork panther tattoo by talented artist Chris Tambo. Perfect for bold statement.
Unique blackwork design by tattoo artist Chris Tambo on the upper leg.Illustrative tattoo featuring a horse and flower, beautifully done by Chris Tambo on the forearm.Check out this traditional style upper arm tattoo featuring a beautiful flower and menacing dagger, done by Chris Tambo.Unique blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a beautifully detailed flower by tattoo artist Chris Tambo.Get a fierce classic panther tattoo on your forearm by talented artist Chris Tambo. Bold blackwork and illustrative style.Fun and colorful new school tattoo of Bugs Bunny on forearm by Chris Tambo. Illustrative style.Experience the beauty of a classic illustrative butterfly tattoo on your arm by artist Chris Tambo.Blackwork lettering tattoo featuring a cross, hand, and pearls by Chris Tambo for a bold and unique design.Beautiful upper arm tattoo combining sakura blossoms and a chameleon, created by artist Chris Tambo.Impressive illustrative piece by Chris Tambo featuring a classic eagle and flower design on the upper armUnique blackwork tattoo on upper arm featuring skull, hat, and bones by artist Chris Tambo.A stunning blackwork traditional tattoo on ribs by Chris Tambo, featuring a beautiful combination of flower and ship motifs.
CTChris Tambo
Chris Tambo