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Ermis Atzemoglou

No Idols Tattoo NYC

Next month


Dive into the artistic world of Ermis, who has been masterfully tattooing since 2015 in the vibrant heart of NYC. While he specializes in techniques like Blackwork, Abstract, Engraving, Etching, Fineline, Floral, and surreal linework, Ermis also brings to the table an array of custom designs marked by their unique flair. For those keen on pre-existing masterpieces, Ermis offers an expansive collection of flash designs, ready to be etched into a timeless memory.



Hour rate:250 USD
Min. rate:150 USD
About the Artist

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Capture the essence of surrealism with a stunning anime-inspired piece by tattoo artist Ermis Atzemoglou. Featuring intricate details and mesmerizing colors, this tattoo depicts mystical women in a dreamlike world.Ignorant style blackwork tattoo of man and woman's eyes on upper leg by Ermis Atzemoglou.Beautiful minimalist forearm tattoo of a woman and man in a romantic kiss, expertly executed by tattoo artist Ermis Atzemoglou.Get unique and artistic lower leg tattoo featuring a fine line vase and eyes by talented artist Ermis Atzemoglou.Beautifully detailed forearm tattoo featuring a delicate flower and skull design by Ermis Atzemoglou.Ermis Atzemoglou's fine line masterpiece featuring a surreal woman on the ribs. A stunning piece of art for the bold.Elegant and minimalistic star design by artist Ermis Atzemoglou, perfect for the upper leg placement.Fine line upper arm tattoo by Ermis Atzemoglou featuring a unique design of people, vase, and kiss motifs.Experience the wild west with this intricate fine line tattoo featuring a skeleton cowboy wearing a hat. By Ermis Atzemoglou.Unique upper arm tattoo featuring a fine line design of a fencing rat by Ermis Atzemoglou. Perfect for animal and sports enthusiasts!Unique upper arm tattoo by Ermis Atzemoglou combining surrealism, fine line details, and the motifs of eyes and a bottle.Elegant blackwork tattoo of a delicate leaf by artist Ermis Atzemoglou, perfect for a minimalist and nature lover.
Get a stunning neo-traditional tattoo of flowers and leaves on your forearm by talented artist Ermis Atzemoglou.Elegant and detailed fine line tattoo of a man statue, expertly inked by Ermis Atzemoglou on the ribs.Ignorant style upper leg tattoo featuring a skull, skeleton, and hand by Ermis Atzemoglou.Explore the beauty of fine line art with this geometric sun knee tattoo by Ermis Atzemoglou. A unique combination of sun motif and intricate patterns.Elegant and surreal fine line tattoo featuring a woman's hands, expertly done by Ermis Atzemoglou on the upper leg.Check out this elegant fine line tattoo of a dog on the forearm, done by tattoo artist Ermis Atzemoglou.Fine-line upper arm tattoo featuring a surreal depiction of a woman and man with an eye motif by Ermis Atzemoglou.Express your unique vision with this upper arm tattoo by artist Ermis Atzemoglou. Intricate fine line work brings the eyes to life.Captivating tattoo of a girl in a dress by Ermis Atzemoglou, beautifully executed in fine line style on the upper arm.Elegant and delicate fine line tattoo featuring a leaf and vase motif, expertly done by Ermis Atzemoglou on the forearm.Ignite your imagination with a surreal fine line forearm tattoo of a leaf by Ermis Atzemoglou.Get mesmerized with this fine line eye tattoo on your upper arm by the talented artist, Ermis Atzemoglou.
EAErmis Atzemoglou
Ermis Atzemoglou