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Felipe Reinoso

Miami Ink - Love Hate Tattoos

Next week


Born and raised in Miami, Felipe is a versatile artist with 12 years of experience honing his craft. He's mainly known for his traditional and Japanese styles.



Hour rate:250 USD
Min. rate:250 USD
About the Artist

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Get a unique leg tattoo of a monkey with aloha lettering, designed by artist Felipe Reinoso in a traditional style.This illustrative tattoo by Felipe Reinoso features a fierce panther surrounded by flowers, a dagger, thorns, and other tattoos on the upper arm.Unique blackwork design on knee by Felipe Reinoso featuring spider, eye, and spider web motifs.Express your inner warrior with this new school tattoo featuring a sword, monster, blood, and skateboard. By artist Felipe Reinoso.Black and gray tattoo of a scythe on the side of the face, done by Felipe Reinoso. Classic design with a modern twist.Bold traditional design by Felipe Reinoso on lower leg. Combining skull and sword motifs for a powerful statement.Traditional blackwork tattoo of a panther and flower, expertly done by artist Felipe Reinoso. Perfect for ribs placement.Unique blackwork snake design by Felipe Reinoso, perfect for bold and striking forearm placement.Illustrative cross design on the neck by Felipe Reinoso, combining bold lines and intricate details.Capture the warmth of the sun with this forearm tattoo by Felipe Reinoso. A timeless and bold design.Neo-traditional masterpiece by Felipe Reinoso featuring a vibrant peony flower design on the upper arm.Vibrant new school style tattoo by Felipe Reinoso, featuring a beautiful parrot and a stunning flower design on the lower leg.
Get fierce with this bold blackwork panther tattoo by Felipe Reinoso. A classic design with a modern twist.Featuring elements of the ocean - water, bird, flower, anchor, and ship - in a traditional style by Felipe Reinoso. A timeless and classic design for your upper leg.Bold traditional style tattoo of skull, grim reaper, and scythe on lower leg, by artist Felipe Reinoso.Elegant black and gray flower tattoo adorning the arm, expertly designed by Felipe Reinoso. Perfect blend of realism and artistry.Illustrative neo-traditional tattoo on upper leg featuring a woman engulfed in flames with a skull motif, by Felipe Reinoso.Get a classic lettering tattoo with wings and your name by Felipe Reinoso on your shin for a unique design.Embrace the dark allure of this blackwork hannya tattoo by Felipe Reinoso, combining traditional and illustrative styles.Stunning blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a beautifully detailed dagger and woman illustration by Felipe Reinoso.Traditional style tattoo on upper leg by artist Felipe Reinoso featuring a powerful eagle and delicate flower motif.Bold blackwork illustration of a snake intertwining with a delicate peony, expertly crafted by Felipe Reinoso.Beautiful black and gray tattoo of hands praying with a meaningful quote on the ribs by Felipe Reinoso.Get a striking blackwork fish hand tattoo by the talented artist Felipe Reinoso, combining traditional Japanese style with illustrative elements.
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Felipe Reinoso