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Jack Henry Tattoo

Parliament Tattoo

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Hey! I’m Jack, I’m Based in Finsbury Park I create traditional, medieval and folk based tattoo designs. I love creating pieces from historical based artworks and breathing new life into them: Happy to take on smaller or larger projects, custom and flash work always accepted.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:150 GBP
About the Artist

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Elegantly detailed flower and leaves by Jack Henry Tattoo, perfect for forearm placement.Get a beautifully detailed black and gray bunny tattoo by Jack Henry Tattoo on your upper arm. This fine line design featuring a cute rabbit will make a stylish statement.Elegant black and gray fine line tattoo of a mysterious woman by a church on upper arm. Detailed and refined artwork by the talented artist Jack Henry.Elegant black and gray fine line design featuring sun, moon, and intricate patterns by Jack Henry Tattoo.Black and gray upper leg tattoo featuring a detailed beer glass and eyes design by Jack Henry Tattoo.Elegant black and gray traditional design by Jack Henry Tattoo, featuring a hand fan and knife motif.Elegant black and gray tattoo blending bird, leaf, and wings motifs in dotwork and fine line style by Jack Henry Tattoo.Elegant hand tattoo by Jack Henry featuring a delicate bird, intricate vase, and graceful leaves in fine line style.Delicate fine line floral design with flowing waves and an eye, created by Jack Henry Tattoo.Hand Compositions from recently! Elegant and intricate flower design by Jack Henry Tattoo, expertly crafted on the hand in fine line style.Get a fierce and timeless tiger design on your stomach by Jack Henry, blending traditional and fine line styles.
Elegant black and gray floral design featuring a delicate butterfly and leaves by Jack Henry Tattoo.Elegant dotwork and fine line lower leg tattoo featuring a traditional woman in a stunning ornamental dress. By Jack Henry Tattoo.A stunning fusion of snake, lion, dagger, man, and flowers in black and gray, fine line, traditional style.Elegant black and gray tattoo of a woman wearing a stylish hat on the shin, done by Jack Henry Tattoo.Get a majestic goat with baphomet horns inked on your lower leg by Jack Henry Tattoo for a unique and stylish look.Elegant black and gray fine line tattoo of a lady with a broom on the upper arm, beautifully crafted by Jack Henry.Indulge in the dark allure of devilish beauty with this haunting black & gray tattoo by Jack Henry, featuring a fiery woman motif on your upper leg.Experience the delicate beauty of dotwork and fine line floral design by Jack Henry Tattoo on your hand.Elegant and delicate fine line tattoo featuring a bird and flower motif on the hand by Jack Henry Tattoo.Embrace nature with a stunning back tattoo of a graceful woman intertwined with a majestic old tree. By Jack Henry Tattoo.Elegant black and gray fine line tattoo featuring a sun, moon, and cloud motif on the upper leg.Unique forearm tattoo by Jack Henry featuring delicate dotwork and fine line details of a dog's ears.
JHJack Henry Tattoo
Jack Henry Tattoo