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Ali Aman

Lemme Ink Studio

This week


Discover the artistry of, a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist renowned for his exceptional black & grey microrealism and fine-line designs. Ali's intricate craftsmanship comes alive in every tattoo, reflecting his profound dedication to the art. Stay tuned to his Instagram to catch his upcoming guest spots and immerse yourself in a world of detailed ink.


About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Micro Realism  micro realismmicro realismMicro RealismMicro Realismmicro realismMicro RealismExperience the beauty of a fine line geometric jellyfish design surrounded by intricate patterns on your forearm by Ali Aman.micro realismMicro Realismmicro realismMicro realism
Micro realism Micro realismmicro realismThis upper arm tattoo by Ali Aman features a striking blend of geometric shapes, micro-realism, and intricate patterns, with a stunning sun, bird, and umbrella motif.RealismElegant upper leg tattoo by Ali Aman featuring a sword, helmet, armor pattern for a unique and artistic design.realismmicro realismmicro realismElegant floral design on upper arm by talented artist Ali Aman, featuring intricate fine line work for a delicate and beautiful tattoo.micro realismmicro realism
AAAli Aman
Ali Aman