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Letitia Mortimer

Blank collective

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Leti is a tattoo artist from London based between Blank Collective Tattoo and Vagabond Tattoo. She specializes in fine-line black and grey and enjoys tattooing traditional subjects as well as floral and script in particular.



Hour rate:120 GBP
Min. rate:120 GBP
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Elegant black and gray upper leg tattoo featuring a delicate bird and flower motif, by Letitia Mortimer.Black and grey lady headElegant black and gray tattoo by Letitia Mortimer featuring a majestic horse and delicate flower design on the stomach.Elegant black and gray flower tattoo on the forearm by Letitia Mortimer, showcasing intricate fine line details.Discover the mysteries of the soul with this stunning black and gray key tattoo on the arm by Letitia Mortimer.Beautiful black and gray forearm tattoo featuring a heart and dice design by Letitia Mortimer.Imposing eagle design by Letitia Mortimer. A classic choice for a bold forearm statement. Rose fresh, girl head healed…A stunning black and gray spider tattoo on the upper arm, expertly done by the talented artist, Letitia Mortimer.Experience the lifelike detail of a dog tattoo on your stomach by Letitia Mortimer with this stunning black and gray design.Elegant black and gray bird design by Letitia Mortimer, perfect for those who seek a minimalist yet detailed tattoo.An intricate black and gray tattoo of a leopard with small lettering representing a significant year, beautifully done by Letitia Mortimer on the upper leg.
Little cover up made at Seven Doors Stunning dotwork and fine line design by Letitia Mortimer featuring a spider and web motif.Explore the delicate beauty of black and gray dotwork with a design by Letitia Mortimer featuring a butterfly, flower, and leaf motif on your forearm.Elegant fine line sun motif tattoo on forearm, by Letitia Mortimer. Perfect for a subtle and stylish look.A stunning black & gray forearm tattoo featuring a delicate flower entwined with barbed wire by Letitia Mortimer.Letitia Mortimer's black and gray arm tattoo depicts a fierce battle between good and evil. Which side will prevail?Sophisticated black and gray pin tattoo elegantly inked on the arm by Letitia Mortimer.Made at Seven Doors #londontattooEnhance your forearm with a stunning black & gray flower tattoo, crafted by the talented Letitia Mortimer.Elegant black and gray hummingbird design on upper arm by talented artist Letitia Mortimer. Perfect for nature lovers.Elegant black and gray jellyfish tattoo by Letitia Mortimer, perfect for your forearm. Capture the beauty of the deep sea with this stunning design.Elegant black and gray butterfly tattoo by Letitia Mortimer, delicately designed on the arm.
LMLetitia Mortimer
Letitia Mortimer