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Lin Feng

Eco Tattoo London

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Lin Feng is a tattoo artist based in London Camden, Owner at Eco Tattoo London. She has experience in most styles and favours black and grey.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:50 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Unique black and gray dotwork design featuring cards, dice, and flames with small lettering by Lin Feng.Ignorant fine line forearm tattoo featuring a beautiful flower woman design by Lin Feng.Elegant and detailed rabbit design on the forearm, expertly executed by Lin Feng in fine line style.Discover harmony and balance with this elegant black and gray tattoo by Lin Feng, featuring a sleek fish motif intertwined with yin & yang sign on the upper arm.Unique black and gray forearm tattoo by Lin Feng featuring a geometric figure holding a balloon in fine line style.Vibrant new school snake design on the upper arm by the talented artist Lin Feng. Stand out with this eye-catching tattoo!Time heals a Broken heart Inject some fun into your upper arm with this new school style tattoo of a mischievous cat chasing after a colorful fish. Artwork by Lin Feng.Elegant pattern and filigree design by Lin Feng, beautifully crafted on the chest area. Cute little dove . Perfect for people considering religious sleeves Get inspired with Lin Feng's delicate small lettering quote tattoo on the ribs.Discover the perfect blend of water and sun motifs in this upper leg tattoo crafted by Lin Feng. Embrace the mystical energy of the elements.
Elegant black and gray upper arm tattoo featuring intricate Japanese koi fish and dragon motifs, expertly designed by tattoo artist Lin Feng.Impressively detailed black and gray dotwork tattoo of a Roman statue on the forearm, by talented artist Lin Feng. A masterpiece in micro-realism.Adorn your upper arm with Lin Feng's exquisite fine-line bow tie design for a touch of sophistication and style.Elegant cherry motif tattoo on upper arm, delicately inked by Lin Feng. Perfect for those who appreciate fine-line art.Explore the intricate world of Lin Feng's surrealism with this mesmerizing pattern tattoo on the ribs.Capture the magic with this exquisite fine line tattoo of a fairy surrounded by stars on your upper arm. Created by Lin Feng.Explore the mesmerizing world of surreal patterns with this intricate blackwork tattoo on the upper leg, expertly inked by Lin Feng.Impressively detailed chest tattoo by Lin Feng featuring a powerful dragon with majestic wings in traditional Japanese style.Exquisite black and gray design of a fierce leopard by Lin Feng, perfect for the upper arm. Show off your wild side with this stunning piece!Wristband tattoo. Straight lines are a must ! Only negative aspect is that it needs frequent touch ups to keep it looking on pointSt Michael the archangel. This historic piece comes from an old painting. This is slightly below the elbow Elegantly inked small lettering quote by Lin Feng, beautifully placed on the ribs for a hidden message.
LFLin Feng
Lin Feng