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Buzz Club Tattoo Studio - City Centre

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Meet Marketa, a skilled tattoo artist hailing from Leeds and operating out of Buzz Club Tattoo Studio - City Centre. Marketa's expertise lies in dotwork and fineline styles, where she meticulously crafts intricate and striking designs tailored to each client's unique preferences. With a fervent passion for her craft and an acute attention to detail, Marketa brings her clients' visions to vibrant life with unparalleled precision and boundless creativity. Notably, Marketa also specializes in vegan tattoos, reflecting her commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in her artistry.



Hour rate:80 GBP
Min. rate:80 GBP
About the Artist

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Experience the beauty of dotwork and handpoke techniques in this unique fern design by Marketa.handpoke.Unique dotwork hand-poked tattoo featuring a stamp design with a lemon motif, created by the talented Marketa.handpoke.Unique hand-poked tattoo of a dandelion flower with a cute rat or mouse by Marketa.handpoke.Exquisite design by Marketa.handpoke featuring intricate dotwork and fine lines in a unique ornamental style.Unique hand-poked dotwork tattoo of a delicate branch by Marketa.handpoke, perfect for a minimalist and natural look.Elegant hand-poked butterfly tattoo in dotwork style, created by the talented artist Marketa.Beautifully intricate turtle, ray, and dolphin design done by Marketa.handpoke in a unique dotwork and hand poke style.Elegant and delicate ear design by Marketa.handpoke, featuring stunning ornamental dotwork details.Get a dainty and intricate fine line hand-poked tattoo on your fingers by Marketa.handpoke.Unique and intricate dotwork design featuring an ear and vine motif, hand-poked by Marketa.handpoke.Flash piece ✨
Intricate dotwork and fine line design of sun intertwined with branch and vine by Marketa.handpoke.Beautifully intricate hand-poked dotwork tattoo of a flower intertwined with a heart by Marketa.handpokeBeautiful and delicate hand-poked dotwork tattoo of a laurel branch, done by Marketa.handpoke.Experience the beauty of hand-poked dotwork and fine line technique with this stunning flower tattoo by Marketa.handpoke.Experience intricate hand-poked dotwork design with a touch of ornamental flair by Marketa.handpoke.Embrace the mystical energy with this delicate fine line hand-poked tattoo featuring a crescent moon and lotus flower design by Marketa.handpoke.Elegant and detailed dotwork design by Marketa.handpoke, combining ornamental elements for a unique tattoo look.Embrace nature's beauty with this unique hand-poked dotwork tattoo featuring a sunflower woman design by Marketa.handpoke.Beautiful fine line and ornamental design of a sun, perfect for dark skin, by Marketa.handpoke.Intricately designed ornamental dotwork tattoo on ear, by artist Marketa.handpoke. Exquisite and elegant.Elegantly crafted by Marketa.handpoke, this dainty tattoo features intricate dotwork in an ornamental design.Discover the beauty of hand-poked ornamental design with this delicate and intricate tattoo by artist Marketa. Perfect for those who appreciate fine details.Wild flower sleeve in progress 💕