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Mary Shalla

Venom Camden

Next week


With over four years under her belt, Mary is a standout tattoo artist known for her meticulous attention to detail. Her specialities encompass elegant fine line, intricate ornamental and decorative designs, vivid illustrative pieces, and the classic art of script. Those seeking her exceptional touch can find her crafting masterpieces at Venom Tattoo Studio, nestled in the vibrant heart of Camden Town.



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
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Elegant forearm tattoo featuring a delicate woman and leaf design with small lettering of a meaningful quote by tattoo artist Mary Shalla.Elegant small lettering of a saint motif on lower arm by talented tattoo artist Mary Shalla.Elegant fine line sprig design by Mary Shalla, perfect for arm placement.Elegantly detailed pattern tattoo on upper arm by the talented Mary Shalla. Delicate and unique design.A stunning black and gray tattoo on the forearm featuring a detailed sword and hand design by Mary Shalla.rose in flames Elegant fine line bird tattoo by Mary Shalla, expertly crafted in stunning black and gray tones. Perfect for a subtle yet striking body art piece.Elegant pattern tattoo on upper leg by Mary Shalla, featuring intricate blackwork designGet a delicate fine line tattoo by Mary Shalla, featuring a heart and small lettering on your forearm.snake Admire the beauty of a fine line blackwork swan tattoo on your upper back by Mary Shalla. A symbol of elegance and grace.death
Elegant flower design on forearm, expertly executed by tattoo artist Mary Shalla in a delicate fine line style.Elegant fine line tattoo of a woman on the upper arm, beautifully composed by talented artist Mary Shalla.Captivating black and gray fine line tattoo featuring a witch wearing a hat, created by the talented artist Mary Shalla.Admire the intricate details of this stunning fish tattoo by Mary Shalla, elegantly placed on the ankle.Beautiful small lettering tattoo on lower arm, designed by the talented artist Mary Shalla.Fine line pattern tattoo on forearm by artist Mary Shalla. Intricate and elegant design.Mary Shalla's delicate small lettering arm tattoo featuring the word 'Hope' represents eternal optimism.Experience the beauty of fine line floral art with this exquisite hand tattoo by talented artist Mary Shalla.Elegant fine line forearm tattoo featuring small lettering of a meaningful quote by talented artist Mary Shalla.skull cat and mushrooms 😸Elegant blackwork flower tattoo on upper leg by Mary Shalla, showcasing intricate details and bold lines.Beautiful lettering tattoo on forearm by Mary Shalla, symbolizing the everlasting bond of family love.
MSMary Shalla
Mary Shalla