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Rico Dionichi

Miami Ink - Love Hate Tattoos

Next week


Rico is a specialist in black&grey, fineline and realism tattoos. He creates his pieces out of Miami Ink studio in Miami Beach.



Hour rate:250 USD
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Impressive black and gray illustrative design featuring a gun, hat, and man, all symbolizing the bond of brotherhood. By tattoo artist Rico Dionichi.Get a stunning black and gray illustrative tattoo of a girl clown with a necklace on your upper arm by Rico Dionichi.Intricate blackwork design featuring a gun, angel, and machine gun by tattoo artist Rico Dionichi.Elegant black_and_gray camel tattoo on foot, expertly done by Rico Dionichi. This illustrative piece showcases stunning realism.Detailed black-and-gray lower leg tattoo featuring a realistic woman and intricate rope design by Rico Dionichi.An intricate black and gray tattoo on the upper arm by Rico Dionichi, featuring a cross, angel, and a meaningful quote in illustrative lettering.Rico Dionichi's blackwork forearm tattoo features a guillotine illustration with a powerful quote. A bold and rebellious statement piece.A striking blackwork tattoo on the upper arm featuring a snake intertwined with a flower and a woman, created by Rico Dionichi.Illustrative peony flower tattoo on forearm, designed by Rico Dionichi. Bold and striking blackwork style.Bold blackwork shark design with sharp teeth, done by the talented Rico Dionichi. A powerful and eye-catching piece for your ribs.Impressive blackwork and realistic lion crowned illustration by Rico Dionichi on lower leg.Blackwork design by Rico Dionichi featuring a rooster, skeleton, and hat motif on the ribs.
Detailed blackwork tattoo featuring a wolf, sword, and man's profile, created by Rico Dionichi.Impressive blackwork realism tattoo of lion and Jesus on a cross by artist Rico Dionichi.Capture the innocence and beauty of childhood with a stunning realism tattoo on your chest by Rico Dionichi.Impressive blackwork lettering piece by Rico Dionichi featuring a joker, hand, card, and casino elements with a personalized name touch.A stunning blackwork tattoo of a hannya woman on the forearm, expertly done by tattoo artist Rico Dionichi.Get a unique blackwork tattoo of a grand castle or building on your upper leg by artist Rico Dionichi. Express your love for architecture with this detailed design.Get a realistic and illustrative Baby Yoda tattoo on your arm by the talented artist Rico Dionichi. Show your love for this iconic character!Rico Dionichi's illustrative tattoo combines stars, guns, hats, and revolvers in a bold blackwork design symbolizing loyalty and protection.Blackwork forearm tattoo featuring a detailed dog design with delicate filigree accents. By tattoo artist Rico Dionichi.Blackwork and illustrative style tattoo featuring a detailed lion and tree design, created by talented artist Rico Dionichi.Get fierce with a blackwork and realistic lion and crown on your lower leg by Rico Dionichi.Bold and intricate flower design on lower leg, expertly executed with illustrative style by tattoo artist Rico Dionichi.
RDRico Dionichi
Rico Dionichi