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Saka Tattoo

Unkommon tattoo

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Hi I’m Saka, raised in Greece and currently based in Manchester. Experimenting between styles , I’m a self taught artist and this is my passion. Looking forward to meet you and create your ideas into skin art!



Hour rate:100 GBP
Min. rate:100 GBP
About the Artist

Unfortunately, the artist hasn’t updated their profile.

Get a chic and understated small lettering tattoo by Saka Tattoo, perfect for a subtle and stylish look.Get stunning micro_realism tattoo of a pin from Saka Tattoo. Perfect for those who appreciate intricate details in small tattoos.Delicate small lettering tattoo designed with precision by Saka Tattoo for a timeless and stylish look.Small lettering tattoo of a baby's footprint, done in black and gray by Saka Tattoo.Get a striking black and gray football tattoo from Saka Tattoo, bringing your love for the sport to life with detailed illustrative design.A stunning black and gray tattoo of an ouroboros snake, expertly executed by Saka Tattoo. A symbol of eternal renewal and unity.Get personalized with a delicate small lettering tattoo by the talented artist Saka Tattoo. Express yourself in style with intricate lettering designs.Get inked with a beautifully detailed black and gray swallow tattoo done by the talented artist Saka! Embrace the beauty of nature in this micro realism design.Get a unique illustrative tattoo featuring a heart wrapped in barbed wire by Saka Tattoo, showcasing their artistic talent and attention to detail.Admire the intricate details of this illustrative flower tattoo, expertly crafted in black & gray by the talented Saka Tattoo.Explore the depths of the universe with this stunning black and gray geometric tattoo by Saka Tattoo, featuring a moon, astronaut, and eye in micro-realism style.Get a timeless and sophisticated small lettering tattoo done by the talented artists at Saka Tattoo. Perfect for a subtle and personal touch to your body art.
Get a delicate and intricate small lettering tattoo by Saka Tattoo for a minimalistic and classy look.Get a stylish and delicate tattoo with small lettering by Saka Tattoo. Perfect for those who appreciate fine line work.Illustrative black and gray tattoo of a sorrowful eye shedding a tear, done by Saka Tattoo.Unique black and gray geometric tattoo featuring a micro-realism moon and astronaut design by Saka Tattoo.Fly high with this illustrative dove tattoo by Saka Tattoo, symbolizing peace and freedom. A graceful addition to your body art collection.Experience the power of Shaman King with this stunning black and gray anime tattoo of Jin by Saka Tattoo.Get a dainty fine line tattoo of a wave and sun by Saka Tattoo for a minimalistic and elegant look.Get beautifully crafted lettering tattoo by Saka Tattoo, combining style and artistry for a unique and personal design.Get inked with a fine line, geometric design by Saka Tattoo, featuring small lettering and illustrative elements. Perfect for travel lovers.Captivating black and gray tattoo featuring a moon and planet rising over a dune-filled desert landscape, by the talented Saka Tattoo.Elegant black and gray vine tattoo by Saka Tattoo, with expert illustrative style. Timeless and classy design.
STSaka Tattoo
Saka Tattoo